What time of Porn Categories are the most popular?

Technological advancements are one of the primary reasons why pornography is breaking records. Presently, the adult industry is experiencing its highest levels in popularity and viewership. That is based on the number of people viewing porn and visiting adult sites. Each day, more than 250 new adult sites are added to the web. A large portion of them provide all types of smut with an average of thirty porn categories. Coincidentally, some top porn sites have even more genres for users to choose from. Nonetheless, even with so many different categories available, there are some which are more popular than others. They are regarded as the most searched for terms, keywords or genres in the adult world.

Lesbian — In most parts of America and the world for that matter, the lesbian category was number one in 2017. It shows people have an appetite and interest for any adult content showing lesbian sex.

Hentai — Most folks are surprised to learn that animated cartoons could be so popular. However, millions of people each day spend hours looking at all types of hentai porno videos.

MILF — Fantasies about having sex with an older woman are at their highest levels. The fact that the genre MILF is the third most searched for term in porn is surprising. More so when you consider the moniker was started out as a teen joke. To show just how well-liked mature women porn is, consider the following. Both the ‘Step Mom’ and ‘Mom’ category are in fourth and sixth place in porn as well. All are related to MILFs or older women porn.

Ebony — Whether it’s interracial porn or regular, the ebony category is widely viewed. Black porn videos rank very well and get tons of views each day. Some include ebony lesbian sex scenes while others are gangbangs between mixed couples.

Amateur — The rise in smartphones has been one of the leading causes behind the spike in amateur porn. People all over the world record others or themselves having sex. They then share such amateur style porn videos with the rest of the world.

Teen — Nothing brings out the lust in folks like the teen porn content. Some of the teen smut features lesbian seductions or mature and young scenarios.

Japanese — Asian pornography has always been a favorite for porn lovers. But lately people are moving more towards Japanese porn featuring beautiful girls. Perhaps it is related to the Hentai popularity since Japan is where the genre originated from.